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What is Burn Social?

     Burn Social is a product design, development and consulting firm located right by Media, PA.


     We bring our out of the box design-thinking strategies to an otherwise cookie-cutter market. Our design services are complimented by our experience with advanced manufacturing techniques that allow us to drive your costs down and scale as needed.

     Our goal is to help you take your idea into a product you can be proud of and grow. Help us help you so we can grow together!

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Meet the Owner



     Rich is a Mechanical Engineer by study, with a goal of taking his passions for product design and 3D printing to the masses. 


     His love for additive manufacturing started as a hobby during school, and Rich has since been working commercially with 3D printers for over 4 years. After having experimented with personal design projects and various small startups he began his career in product development and manufacturing, Rich brings the unique skills he's learned from his diverse experiences coupled with his pride of workmanship to Burn Social and in turn each project he works on.


Mechanical Engineer and Passionate 3Designer

Our Favorite Part of the Workday is:

Interacting with you!                   Whether it be manufacturing a fun personal job or a large utility order for your workplace, I enjoy hearing your enthusiasm and sharing my knowledge about what I do. Nothing leaves me feeling more fulfilled than a happy customer!

Meet Our Mascots

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